 Child protection officers put in untenable position
 Critical child protection system has fallen into chaos under Petrusma
The Hodgman Liberal Government and Minister Jacquie Petrusma cannot continue to fob off urgent and critical calls for greater resources in child protection while their own workforce struggles to deal with Tasmania’s most vulnerable children.
Shadow Minister for Children Josh Willie said it was clear funding was not being applied to where it was needed most at the frontline of child protection.
“Mrs Petrusma has clear evidence at her fingertips that child protection officers do not have the resources they need to effectively carry out their jobs, she has clear evidence that children are falling through the cracks,” Mr Willie said.
“After almost four years of mistake after mistake in this important area the government is still not listening to its own workforce which is saying they just don’t have the support or the adequate numbers of staff to perform the crucial task of ensuring Tasmania’s most vulnerable kids are safe.
“Reports last night and today by the ABC in relation to the tragic death of a seven-month-old girl make it clear that there is intense concern about understaffing at the frontline and those concerns are not being heard.
“With such clear evidence in front of her, the chaotic approach of this Minister and her inability to listen just has to end.
“An elected Majority Labor Government will provide the resources the child protection system needs with up to 20 new child protection officers and other support workers.”
Josh Willie MLC Shadow Minister for Children