 Pressure on the Government to be transparent over TAFE audit
 Staff, students and the general public deserve to know the truth
 Confidence needs to be restored in the organisation

The Liberal Government is tying itself up in knots trying to defend its broken promise to disclose the findings of the TasTAFE investigation.

Shadow Minister for Skills and Training Josh Willie said the Liberals need to stop making excuses.

“The Government needs to come clean and allow the public to know the full story,” Mr Willie said.

“The Minister promised transparency around the TasTAFE audit and now we are seeing the opposite.

“For the Government to hide behind “serious potential ramifications”* for the people involved is ludicrous.

“If people have done the wrong thing while employed by taxpayers, the public has a right to know.

“The public needs to have confidence in TasTAFE going forward and for that to happen the details of the audit need to be made public like the Government promised they would be.

“A watered down version of the findings at the end of the process will not build trust between the public and the organisation.

“Staff, students and the general public deserve a properly transparent process.”

*Health Minister Michael Ferguson – Southern Cross News 1/10/2017
Josh Willie MLC Shadow Minister for Youth, Skills and Training