 Legislation passes Victoria’s lower house
 Lara Giddings congratulates MPs who voted for the bill

Labor Member for Franklin Lara Giddings has warmly welcomed progress on the Victorian Right to Die legislation.

“The vote in the lower house was decisive at 47 to 37, which gives me hope that the Upper House will also support this much needed legislation,” Ms Giddings said.

“I congratulate the Victorian members who voted for the bill for their bravery in supporting ground-breaking legislation.

“Sadly some Tasmanian MPs who supported the principle of Voluntary Assisted Dying lacked the same sense of bravery and would not even debate the detail of the bill in the committee stages, when we debated a similar Bill in the House of Assembly earlier this year.

“I hope the Victorian Upper House will now support the legislation and finally give Victorians with a terminal illness the right to end their suffering.

“By doing so, Victoria will open the door to other states developing their own legislation so all Australians will have the same right to end their suffering no matter where they live.”
Lara Giddings MP Labor Member for Franklin