Pic: of Ben Johnston

The proponents of Light Rail in Hobart are accusing the State Government of failing to honour repeated commitments to save and protect the rail corridor into Hobart.

Kilometres of rail have recently been ripped up with rails and sleepers removed beyond Macquarie Point to the Hobart Regatta Pavilion.

Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding has publicly committed to leave the rail corridor intact, for future use, while Premier Hodgman also told the Rail Action Group his Government had acted to save and protect the rail corridor.

Rail Action Group President Ben Johnston says the removal of the line at the Hobart Regatta Ground is a gross betrayal of trust and he’s asking for answers on who authorised the removal.

Mr Johnston says the Tasmanian Liberals are failing to future proof Hobart for growth, given the removal of rail in Hobart and a new Bridgewater Bridge design that doesn’t include rail.

“They seem ignorant of the significant benefits identified and quantified by consultants GHD and backed by the GCC and HCC. The Government’s repeated failure to present the rail business case to Canberra is a snub for Denison, where at least 62 per cent of voters support the idea.”

Mr Johnston says, “the State Government claims the Hobart Rail project isn’t viable even though State and Local Government studies indicate it would create thousands of long term jobs and smash congestion with six million rail trips a year!”

Mercury: Rail proponents hits out at State Government over removal of tracks from Macquarie Point
Ben Johnston, President, Hobart Northern Suburbs Rail Action Group