 Former Minister’s candidacy for next election untenable while issue is unresolved
 Hodgman has run out of excuses and must act
 More than 16 months since audit announced and Tasmanians still in the dark
Premier Will Hodgman has no choice but to act on the Adam Brooks email audit with a leading public policy academic saying the Braddon MP cannot contest the election while the issue is unresolved.
Associate Professor Kate Crowley from the University of Tasmania has said:
“You can’t have someone who has one foot in the parliament and one foot in a legal situation…”
“Will Hodgman has no choice but to act,” Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said.
“It’s been more than 16 months since the Premier announced an audit into the former Minister’s business email account would be conducted.
“This saga has dragged on for too long and it needs to be dealt with prior to the election.
“Leading public policy experts are telling the Premier the situation is untenable but he’s refusing to act.
“There is nothing stopping the Government from conducting the audit.
“The excuses from Adam Brooks and Will Hodgman do not hold up to scrutiny.
“Official documents show that Mr Brooks’ divorce is finalised and his former wife is not a director of his mining company.
“No one wants to read the former Minister’s personal emails. The audit is to understand whether Mr Brooks had an active role in a major mining business while serving as Tasmania’s Mining Minister.
“He was prepared to lie to Parliament to try and cover up his use of the account. The public deserves to know what it was being used for.”
Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer