Evidence is mounting about the damage to jobs by taking pokies out of pubs and clubs.
Last month, the proprietor of the Campbell Town Hotel said removing pokies from his hotel could force it to close, saying “it would be devastating for me and my family and everyone concerned and especially the local community.”*
And today, the part-owner of the Shoreline Hotel has also said that taking pokies out of his hotel would have a negative impact on business.#
It is frankly absurd that Labor have a candidate in Pembroke who is openly anti-pokies yet Ms White continues to try and pretend they have no policy.
My message to Labor is very clear: unless Labor state a position to the contrary, we will be telling people that a vote for Labor in Pembroke is a vote to close down pubs and clubs.
It is time for Labor to show their hand.
*ABC 26/9/17
#ABC 9/10/17
Peter Gutwein, Treasurer