Yesterday’s Leaders Debate again showed the Opposition Leader stands for nothing.
Ms White had an opportunity to outline a plan for the future, but instead relied on motherhood statements.
When pressed on detail, Ms White was exposed on key issues such as the Coordinator-General and high schools to year 12.
On the Coordinator-General, Ms White tried to crab walk away from her own policy claiming that she wanted only to “improve” the role of the Coordinator-General, when her actual policy is to abolish the role and use the savings elsewhere.
Secondly, she came up with Labor’s third position on extending high schools to year 12. Initially she flat out opposed it, then she back flipped and supported it and now she’s saying schools that have extended to year 12 will remain, but no new schools will be extended.
Ms White can’t have it both ways – either she supports extending schools to year 12, or she doesn’t. This news will be a kick in the guts for many communities that have expressed an interest in seeing their schools expand to year 12.
Yesterday showed that Ms White is clearly not leadership material and the more people see of her, the more they realise that she’s just a fill-in.
Sarah Courtney, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier