The Hodgman Liberal Government will tomorrow call for the Parliament to support our Plan to reopen access to the Arthur Pieman area to four wheel driving.
Braddon Liberal MP Adam Brooks said he would table a notice of motion today which would require Labor to once and for all show the people of the North West Coast where they stand on the issue.
“Labor Leader Bec White and Braddon Labor MP Shane Broad need to get off the fence and declare whether they support the legitimate recreational use of tracks, or whether they will again cave to the Greens and the Salamanca latte sippers,” Mr Brooks said.
“It’s high time Ms White and Mr Broad stood up and were counted.
“The public expect their political leaders to take a stand and not be wishy-washy fence sitters.”
Braddon Liberal MP Joan Rylah said North West Coasters were sick and tired of Labor using weasel words to try and avoid saying if they did or did not support the reopening of four wheel drive tracks.
“Labor clearly has not learned the lessons of the previous Labor-Green government and are showing contempt for North-West Tasmanians, and particularly those who enjoy this part of our State,” Mrs Rylah said.
“The Tasmanian Government is working closely with the Australian Government to re-open tracks 501, 503 and 601.
“Labor’s paralysis on the issue is now beyond a joke.”
The Notice of Motion reads:
That the House support the Government’s plan to reopen tracks 501, 503 and 601 in the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area.
Adam Brooks, Liberal Member for Braddon Joan Rylah, Liberal Member for Braddon