Conservation organisations Save the Tarkine,Bob Brown Foundation, and Markets For Change wish to congratulate Circular Head Progress Group on the establishment of the Tarkine Coast brand. The emergence of the Tarkine as a brand that extends beyond the tourism sector and has been steadily adopted by producers has been a development that our organisations have taken a great deal of satisfaction in.

“The interplay between the strong wilderness values, and the high quality, clean produce in the region make a natural fit. In this endeavour, we wish you well,” said Save the Tarkine Campaign Coordinator, Scott Jordan.

“We were horrified however, to learn that Britton Timbers would be permitted to utilise the Tarkine Coast brand,” said Mr Jordan.

“Britton Timbers are synonymous with the destruction of the Tarkine rainforests and blackwood forests, and the loss of critical native fauna habitat,” said Markets for Change CEO, Peg Putt.

“Britton Timbers current business model is anathema to the values that underpin the Tarkine Coast brand, and we fear that association with Britton Timbers will taint the community trust of the Tarkine Coast brand”, said Ms Putt.

“Our organisations continue to campaign for the end to logging in the Tarkine wilderness. Any attempt by Britton Timbers to greenwash their operations through the use of the Tarkine Coast brand will necessarily be met with campaigns directed to correct the public record on the source of Britton Timbers mill logs”, said Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager, Jenny Weber.

“We trust that commonsense can prevail. Our hope is that Britton Timbers not be given use of the Tarkine Coast brand, and that the untainted brand will bring prestige and economic benefits to those producers worthy of association”, said Ms Weber.
Scott Jordan, Save the Tarkine, Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation, Peg Putt, Markets For Change