The Greens are proud to announce Bill Harvey as our candidate for Pembroke in the upcoming by-election.

Alderman Harvey is a proven and experienced local government representative in Hobart who is known for representing the community with integrity and passion.

In the Pembroke by-election, Bill Harvey will be the only candidate to support removing poker machines from pubs and clubs, and to stand up to the gambling lobby, for the community.

“The people of Pembroke lost $6.3 million last year because of Labor and the Liberals’ blindness to the devastating effects of these lethal machines in the four pubs and clubs in the electorate”, said Mr Harvey.

“The eastern shore community is looking for change on this issue, and only the Greens are offering it. We are listening to the families and communities who have been hurt by addictive gambling machines”.

“Poll after poll shows around 80% of Tasmanians support the removal of poker machines from the community, yet no other candidate in this by-election is representing that strongly held view.”

“The Greens can’t be bought or sold and a key priority is ending the corrupt Deed which gifts Federal Group monopoly ownership of all poker machines in this state. I hope to be elected to support any change through the Legislative Council.”

“I’m proud to be standing in this by-election, giving the people of Pembroke a real alternative when it comes to ending the harm caused by poker machines in pubs and clubs.” Mr Harvey said.
Paul (Basil) O’Halloran