The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has declared the results from the recent AEU Tasmania Branch Elections.

Helen Richardson has been re-elected as Branch President and will serve in the top job until 2020. Ms Richardson said she was delighted and humbled to be re-elected with a strong mandate and looked forward to continuing to serve and represent the hardworking educators in our public education system.

“I look forward to continuing to serve our dedicated support staff, principals and teachers and working to ensure they are given the respect and resources to do the job of providing a quality education for all our students,” said Ms Richardson.

“We know that teachers and principals have less and less time to do their core work of teaching and leading schools and are instead doing more and more administration and other tasks not related to teaching.”

“The focus of my next term in office will be on achieving the changes needed to ensure that our schools and colleges are properly resourced and staffed to enable every student to receive a quality education.”

Simon Bailey will be the next TAFE President, taking over from Damian Von Samorzewski when the new terms start from 1 February 2018.

“We will continue to focus on better resourcing for all TAFE staff and cutting the administration burden for teachers so they too can focus on delivering the highest quality education for all students in public VET,” said Simon Bailey.

Peta-Maree Revell-Cook was re-elected Branch Deputy President, Secondary Colleges Sector, and she will continue her passionate campaigning for recognition of the high-quality education that Tasmania’s College system provides.

“Tasmanian colleges are centres of specialisation and excellence and we need to ensure they are supported and properly resourced to enable them to continue to provide quality education for all,” said Ms. Revell-Cook.

Mandy Jackson who was re-elected Branch Deputy President Support Staff said she was honoured to have been re-elected.

“I’m looking forward to working with a strong Branch Executive team and representing the particular needs of the growing Support Staff sector,” said Ms Jackson.

The full Branch Election results from the AEC are available here:
Harriet Binet, Communications and Campaigns, Australian Education Union Tasmanian Branch