For some time, The Australian has been running a campaign against the ABC with a ferocity that betrays not mere ideological distaste but commercial anxiety. Media analysis shows its scale: in the first six months of this year, the broadsheet published 214 corporate stories about the ABC – more than one per day. This barrage of criticism now runs parallel to a media reform bill being debated by parliament that could change Australia’s media landscape forever.

“The advertising pie is shrinking,” News Corp Australia’s executive chairman, Michael Miller, told the Melbourne Press Club last month. “Revenues in print and [free-to-air] TV are declining and not accelerating in digital. There are more players than ever before competing for this decreasing pie, and the cost of entry and to operate are lower than ever.” Martin McKenzie-Murray reports.

Plus: Mike Seccombe on the government’s war on charities, and Paul Bongiorno on the government’s desperate search for a distraction from the citizenship fiasco.

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