The Government understands that Tasmanians want better water and sewerage services and that cost of living is a major concern for them. That’s why on Tuesday the Government will introduce legislation into Parliament to take control of TasWater.
The legislation implements our Plan to fix TasWater’s crumbling infrastructure faster, while delivering lower prices for Tasmanians, and ensuring that Council rates don’t rise.
The legislation establishes TasWater as a Government Business Enterprise, meaning it will be fully accountable to the Parliament and to all Tasmanians, not the 29 separate Council owners as is currently the case.
The legislation is clear – TasWater can’t be privatised.
Prices will be lower than currently projected, saving average Tasmania households up to $550 over the next six years.
And, as promised, returns to Councils are locked in at the current rates until 2024-25, and after that, Councils will get 50 percent of all future profits – that is, a completely risk-free return to spend as they wish.
In contrast, the legislation makes it clear that the Government’s 50 per cent share of any future profits will be reinvested and spent on either improving water and sewerage infrastructure, or putting further downward pressure on prices.
Prior to its consideration in the Upper House, the Legislative Council has established a Parliamentary Committee to examine the legislation.
This is a an opportunity for anyone who has a view to have their voice heard.
I’ve been contacted by people right around the State who are fed up with the current model and who strongly back our plan to takeover TasWater, fix the infrastructure faster and keep prices lower.
With the Inquiry starting shortly, I urge people who are supportive of our takeover to have their say and let the Legislative Council know their views.
It’s easy to make a submission. All you have to do is outline your experience with TasWater, whether or not you support the Government’s plan to take over TasWater and whether you would like the chance to talk to the Committee in person to discuss your submission. Submissions can be emailed to or posted to:
TasWater Inquiry
Parliament of Tasmania
Parliament House
Hobart 7000
Background information on the Parliamentary Committee is available here –
Peter Gutwein, Treasurer