Greens candidate for Braddon, Scott Jordan, has called on the Minister Rockliff to immediately halt seal relocations from Tassal’s salmon farm operations, after figures revealed a thirty-six fold blowout in seal relocations in just two years

In the year to June 2016, Tassal recorded 151 seal relocations, rising to 2100 in the year ending June 2017, and a another rise to 459 just in the single month of July 2017.

“Tassal is completely out of control”, said Mr Jordan.

“This ridiculous increase in seal dumping is placing animals in direct conflict with commercial and recreational fishers in the North West, impacting on the viability and health of the fishery resource. Tassal simply cannot be allowed to avoid their own problems by dumping them on someone else’s doorstep”,

“This is also posing a significant animal welfare issue. Relocating large numbers of seals means additional stress on the relocated animals, and additional stress on the receiving point ecosystems”.

Neither of Tassal’s competitors are engaged in relocating seals.
Greens candidate for Braddon, Scott Jordan