… TasWater takeover; Labor “knocking and blocking”

This week Parliament returns for the final session prior to the election due in March, and the Hodgman majority Liberal Government will be focussed on continuing to deliver on the long-term Plan we took to the people in 2014.
This includes abolishing suspended sentences, cracking down on dangerous drivers, supporting the Mount Wellington Cable Car, and taking control of TasWater.
In contrast, all Tasmanians can expect from Labor will be more knocking and blocking, because they have no plan of their own and are still beholden to their union bosses and the Greens.
This week, we will table our legislation to take over TasWater. Under our Plan, infrastructure upgrades will be completed sooner and prices will be kept lower.
This is a vital improvement to ensure that Tasmanians get the water and sewerage infrastructure they deserve at a price they can afford. It will also help protect our vital brand, which has made Tasmania one of the must see destinations for visitors under the Hodgman Government.
We know that the TasWater take over has broad community support. It also has the support of:
• The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
• The Housing Industry Association
• The Tasmanian Hospitality Association
• The Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania
• The Property Council
• The Tasmanian Small Business Council
• The Master Builders Association
Unfortunately, Labor refuses to support our Plan, which means they support higher prices and a slower fix to the crippling infrastructure issues that TasWater faces.
The Government will also this week introduce legislation to crack down on dangerous driving. The legislation is informed by a recent report by the Sentencing Advisory Council and will send a strong message to the community that dangerous driving is unacceptable.
This week will be a real test for Labor’s inexperienced leader, Rebecca White, whose only contribution so far has been to block mandated legislation, run scare campaigns and hide when people want to know her party’s position on key issues.
Will Ms White put forward positive policies and a plan for the future of her own?
Or will it be more of the same – knocking, blocking, and playing politics?
My money’s on the latter.
Michael Ferguson, Leader of Government Business in the House of Assembly