Using NLP, Hypnosis and Yoga, “Mind 4 Movement” will give you tools to identify what you
really want, enhance motivation and be more at home in your own body.
95% of all thoughts we have in a day are the same as yesterday’s. Helen Page, creator and
facilitator of Mind 4 Movement says, “We know that neurons that wire together fire together. It’s
too easy to become automatic if we repeat the same thought patterns and behaviours over and
over again. This workshop is about breaking the madness and monotony of repetitive patterns
that hold us back”.
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) works on a neurological level. Outcomes we desire are
installed in the brain and then ‘set’ in the body to replace old and unwanted behaviours.
“Meditation and hypnosis quietens and release the thinking mind, NLP directs it and movement
makes it real”, Helen explains. By fusing NLP, yoga and hypnotic language Helen will lead
students on a journey to understand themselves better and gain clarity.
Mind 4 Movement works on 4 key strategies…
1. MAKING UP YOUR MIND – Identifying what you really (really) want
2. PLAY to PROGRAM – Setting new patterns in the brain and body
3. RECALL – Creating ‘buttons’ or anchors to elicit and motivate on demand
4. TEST – Repeat and tweak for lasting change
On the day expect to move. Yoga postures are a key part of the Mind 4 Movement strategy
however previous experience in yoga isn’t required. “I’ve designed this experience to be playful
and inclusive. Anyone can take part to experience change”.
Helen Page is a Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotist and Yoga instructor with collectively 25
years of experience. As a vocalist and performer Helen inspires people globally through her
music and themes of connection. Her intense passion and focus on language itself shows in her
communication style – articulate, elegant and high impact.
Held on the 17th and 23rd of Sep at Fithot Yoga in Hobart, 30 Tasmanians (only) will take part
in what promises to be an exciting experience of self exploration and discovery.
For more information and to book Mind 4 Movement, contact via email
go to the Facebook Event page on ‘Helen Page Hypnotics ‘.
Helen Page Hypnotics