The 4 biggest student organisations in Australia have teamed up and are united to ensure students and young people are enrolled to vote “yes” to marriage equality. This is part of a bigger national campaign, “#EnrolForEquality” organised by We Are Union.

The National Union of Students (NUS), Australian Queer Student Network (AQSN), Council of Australian Postgraduate Student Associations (CAPA) and Council of International Students Australia (CISA) call on all Australian universities to inform all students of their right to vote and the importance of enrolling to vote on such an important issue for Australians. The public debate of queer identities will impact young queer people disproportionately.

Our organisations will continue the campaign for people to vote “YES” in this divisive and unwelcome postal survey and fully support the current high court challenge into its validity. We aim to win and will never stop fighting for marriage equality until it happens!

Sophie Johnston, National President of the National Union of Students says, “We know that young Australians are the biggest demographic not counted by the AEC; that’s why on campuses across the country student organisations have been enrolling thousands of students at campus stalls every single day.”

“Five days after the postal vote announcement there has been 16,990 new enrolments and 215,863 enrolment updates, that speaks to a great success in engaging students and young people to participate.” Continued Ms Johnston.

The next month will see music festivals, national marches and ‘Yes” vote events organised by AQSN, NUS and We Are Union.

AQSN National Co-Convenor, Theodore Murray said, “The Federal Government are preferencing the views of older conservatives by allowing for a ballot of a postal nature. This survey takes away the voices of many young people who are unable to update their AEC enrolment in time due to unstable or temporary living situations, changes of name and those who are “out of the loop” due to mental, physical or geographical circumstances.”

“This postal survey is unfair, poorly organised and demonstrates a complete lack of awareness of youth issues. To base a decision about human rights through such a survey is unthinkable and unjust,” added Mr. Murray.

This debate is more than just politics. This is about affording countless Australians the same recognition of their relationships that have been enjoyed by heterosexual couples for decades.

Vibol Hy, VP Equity for CAPA said, “Queer students have always been fighting for our rights and we will fight hard for marriage equality. Please make sure your queer family members, friends and co-workers have the right support for what will be a very tough fight.”
Sophie Johnston National President | National Union of Students