I welcome the decision by the Local Government Association to abandon their ill-conceived proposal to make ratepayers pay for an advertising campaign against lower water and sewerage bills.
This is a sensible decision and reflective of the very strong community support for our proposal for better and cheaper water and sewerage infrastructure, sooner.
While I understand that some Councils are concerned about our Plan to take control of TasWater, the facts are that no Council will be worse off as a result. They will get every cent guaranteed to them under the current arrangements until 2024-25, and after that they will get a guaranteed fifty percent of all TasWater’s returns – risk free.
Progress of the TasWater legislation through the Parliament is proceeding as planned, and on schedule.
The second reading debate has been concluded and the committee stage is underway and will continue when Parliament resumes in several weeks.
In addition, the Legislative Council inquiry has commenced with applications being called for, and I’m pleased that the Committee’s timeframe will allow for the legislation to be considered by the Parliament this year, prior to the election.
Peter Gutwein, Treasurer