BRIGHTON Council says the Treasurer’s decision to adjourn debate of the TasWater takeover legislation erodes any confidence that the State Government should get control of the State’s water and sewerage corporation.

Acting Brighton Mayor Barbara Curran said its seems the Government couldn’t even get its draft legislation in order so it had to delay its passage for almost a month.

“How can Tasmanians have any confidence that the Government can properly run our water and sewerage corporation if it can’t even correctly draft the legislation for parliament to consider?” Cr Curran said.

“On this issue, the Government’s approach has been rushed, ill-considered and grossly flawed. The latest legislative failure is a further indication of this.”

Cr Curran said Treasurer Peter Gutwein must take full responsibility for the mess he has created.

“The Treasurer has continued on his dogmatic approach and not listened to key stakeholders or the broader community.

“He is threatening Tasmanians with significantly increased debt planning to add an extra $600 million in debt that will have to be paid for by TasWater’s customers or Tasmanian taxpayers.

“This will be extremely harmful to Brighton ratepayers and our community on top of the threatened losses of future TasWater distributions that will severely reduce our capacity to hold down rate increases and also provide the necessary local government services.

“The latest episode is a worrying indication that the Government is simply not up to the job of running Tasmania’s water and sewerage services,” Cr Curran said.
Acting Brighton Mayor Barbara Curran