There is no doubt that Labor are hopelessly split and riven with disunity.
Today’s announcement of yet another shadow ministry reshuffle is further proof. This is the third shadow ministry Labor has had in just six months. Who knows how long this one will last?
Tellingly, Madeleine Ogilvie has been punished in response to speaking out against the union bosses by having responsibility for small business taken off her, and given to the unionist Sarah Lovell.
And, Tasmanians are none the wiser as who would be Health Minister in a Labor-Green minority government because it is inconceivable that Bec White would retain the portfolio in government.
Equally, Tasmanians have no idea who would be Attorney-General given Lara Giddings is not recontesting, nor who will be Forestry Minister when David Llewellyn goes – presumably it is being set aside for Cassy O’Connor?
This Labor division presents a strong contrast to the Hodgman majority Liberal Government, which is stable, united and focused on delivering for Tasmanians.
Michael Ferguson, Leader of Government Business in the House of Assembly