• After years of inaction, Matthew Groom suddenly starts talking about renewable energy
• No significant projects completed under Minister Groom’s watch
• Promises of self-sufficiency are hollow

There is absolutely no substance to Matthew Groom’s promises to make Tasmania energy self-sufficient.

Shadow Minister for Energy Scott Bacon said the Minister’s rhetoric is not backed up by action.

“Matthew Groom talks up Tasmania’s renewable energy potential but has done nothing over three and a half years as Minister,” Mr Bacon said.

“Not one significant renewable energy project will be completed in Matthew Groom’s first term as Energy Minister.

“He waited more than three years before offering any encouragement at all to the proponents of Granville Harbour on the West Coast.

“That project should be much further progressed by now.

“The Liberal Government has implemented no economic reform to support renewable energy investment in Tasmania.

“To now puff their chests out and say they want to make the state self-sufficient is hollow.

“Matthew Groom will be remembered for having to run diesel generators to keep the lights on after he tried to sell Tasmania’s energy security insurance policy.

“Labor has been urging the Government to back renewable energy projects over the last three years.

“If Matthew Groom had adopted some of our sensible ideas, we’d be a lot closer to self-sufficiency.”
Scott Bacon MP Shadow Energy Minister