• Liberals still haven’t released TasWater takeover legal advice
• Takeover has been a political move from the outset
• Labor would work with all levels of government instead of picking a fight

The pressure is on the Hodgman Government to address the issues raised today by TasWater regarding the Liberals’ proposed hostile takeover.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said it’s time the Government released the legal advice it’s relying on so heavily.

“The Government needs to back up its claims with the legal advice it received in relation to the takeover,” Mr Bacon said.

“If Parliament is going to properly examine the legislation, everything needs to be on the table.

“TasWater has also raised the issue of the power the Government is transferring to itself via the legislation.

“This has been a political move from the outset.

“The Treasurer and Premier said nothing about water and sewerage for three years and then picked a fight with local government out of the blue.

“The Liberals ignored local government when they asked for help and failed to lobby the Turnbull Government for any Federal support at the last election.

“Labor believes all three levels of government need to work together to address Tasmania’s water and sewerage challenges. Labor does not support the Government’s hostile takeover.”
Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer