Tasmanian LGBTI community advocates have called on the State Government to allocate $100,000 to improve and promote support services for LGBTI Tasmanians during the proposed marriage equality postal vote.

The call comes after the Victorian Government today announced $1 million to provide greater support for the LGBTI community in response to likely hate campaigns.

Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said,

“It’s already hard enough for young LGBTI Tasmanians coming to terms with who they are without the additional burden of suffering through the hate campaigns we are likely to see during the marriage equality postal vote.”

“The hate campaigns elicited by the postal vote will be just as damaging in Tasmania as in Victoria so we urge the Tasmanian Government to follow the Victorian Government’s lead and provide funding for support services.”

“We have already had productive discussions with the Tasmania Police about ensuring they are accessible to LGBTI people experiencing hate crime, but a properly resourced, whole-of-government strategy is required.”

Mr Croome said the figure of $100,000 is a pro rata equivalent to the Victorian Government’s commitment of $1 million.

The Victorian Government’s commitment will including a boost for counselling services, community events and materials promoting mental health resilience.

For more informcation on the Victorian Government’s initiative, click here: http://www.starobserver.com.au/news/national-news/victoria-news/victoria-pledges-support-postal-vote/161065
Rodney Croome, Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group