LGBTI community advocates have praised Liberal marriage equality supporters for releasing bill and have called for the LGBTI community to be properly consulted on it.

Just.equal spokesperson, Ivan Hinton-Teoh, said the LGBTI community will be impacted by exemptions allowing discrimination and should have a say about how far these exemptions go.

“Congratulations go to the Liberals who are committed to achieving marriage equality. Now is the time for them to consult with the LGBTI community and communicate the merits of their bill.”

“Earlier this year the largest LGBTI community survey ever conducted found overwhelming opposition to exemptions that would allow discrimination against same-sex couples in the provision of wedding services.”

“I’m concerned that some of the bill’s exemptions may be too broad, for example by allowing any business that can claim a faith link, however tenuous, to turn away same-sex couples.”

“We should be vigilant against importing America’s culture war over ‘religious freedom’ into Australian law.”

“It’s only fair that the LGBTI community be properly consulted on exemptions that could see same-sex couples turned away by service providers.”

Rainbow Families Victoria spokesperson, Felicity Marlowe, said,

“The LGBTI community and our families are thrilled to be so close to seeing marriage equality becoming a reality.”

“However after so many years and so many other bills, our community deserves to be properly consulted about exactly what it is in the bill, particularly what is being decided about our right to access certain services.”

“Now is the time for this proposed legislation to be properly considered by the people it will impact most.”

The draft bill will go the Liberal party room tomorrow where the way forward on marriage equality will be determined.
Rodney Croome, just.equal