The name ‘Helen’ means ‘sun ray’ and ‘Shanahan’ means ‘wise one’. It is a combination of both attributes, a ray of sunshine and a certain wisdom that we get in Western Australian folk/country musician, the lovely Helen Shanahan. I caught up with Helen again recently to talk about her new single ‘Camouflaged’ from her album ‘Every little sting’.

It’s the sting of anxiety that is addressed in the single ‘Camouflaged’ and the desire of Helen and anyone who has suffered anxious moments to escape its grip to freedom.

I chat to Helen about Sara Wilson’s book on the subject of anxiety ‘But First We Make The Beast Beautiful’. Sarah explains how In different times and different cultures the anxious person, who checked thoroughly for the presence of danger would perhaps be seen in our times as having OCD, however, these ‘checkers’ were held in high esteem for the efforts they gave to protect the group and were seen as wise.

Helen originally qualified in a communications degree which provides useful skills for a musician but eventually her heart led her to the Academy of arts in WA where she majored in voice. It was, as they say inevitable, considering her grandmother was a saxophone player in a band!

‘Every little sting’ is out now.

Listen to Helen here
Paula Xiberras