While Rebecca White still doesn’t have an actual policy on the pokies, she’s given the clearest signal yet that she is preparing to lurch further to the left and sell out the State’s hospitality industry.
The pokies are a legitimate form of entertainment for many Tasmanians who gamble responsibly that helps support many small pubs and clubs around the State.
On ABC Mornings, Ms White said that she was open to banning pokies from pubs and clubs “if that’s what the evidence and the report from the committee suggests is the best outcome.”*
Let’s be clear: that would see dozens of pubs and clubs around the State shut down, many of which would be in Ms White’s own electorate of Lyons.
These pubs and clubs are vital parts of the community.
This is just another example of Ms White’s inexperience and lack of leadership. She doesn’t have a plan and is clearly just making it up as she goes along.
*ABC Mornings, 1 August 2017
Peter Gutwein, Treasurer