SFP Tasmania Party is outraged at the lenient sentence handed out to a Launceston criminal this week who trafficked in narcotics and illegal firearms.

This criminal was found in possession of a large quantity of the narcotic drugs methamphetamine,( 47 grams) a semi-automatic rifle and a handgun , one of which was apparently loaded , within the vehicle he was using in the commission of his crimes.

This criminals home was then apparently searched and further firearms and a silencer were located. This criminal was sentenced in total for these times for a SUSPENDED sentence of only 8 months.

Chair of SFP Tasmania, Wayne Turale was astonished at the leniency of this sentence.” What message does this send to criminal who traffic drugs whilst armed illegally, a semi-automatic rifle and handgun apparently loaded! What does this say to the responsible firearm owners of this State who continually are put under the spotlight and over regulated for pursuing their sport.”
” How much more serious could this be with a large quantity of dangerous behaviour, drug trafficking and loaded illegal firearms?”

It not only shows the futility of the recently announced Commonwealth Firearm Amnesty but confirms that criminal will always flout the law and police and never surrender firearms intended for illegal use.

State, Federal politicians and the judiciary are totally out of touch if they believe this is acceptable in the current environment when firearm ownership is under such scrutiny. Criminals will always be the problem with firearm related crime and yet when apprehended they have little or nothing to fear.

It’s a breach of community trust, and expectation that a home burglary with firearms theft, does not attract a mandatory minimum sentence.

Wayne Turale further stated ” firearm ownership is a privilege not a right in this country, criminals involved in firearm related crime should be treated seriously. Responsible owners should not be tarnished by their actions, we demand firearm criminals start to receive mandatory sentencing”.
Adrian Pickin Press Liaison Officer Shooters & Fishers Party, Tas.