Residents in Bass have recently received a survey in the mail from one of the many Liberal Senate offices that claim to represent the state.

The Liberals are so out of touch they don’t know that the residents of Bass want to see action now on cleaning up the Tamar River, we want to see more job opportunities for our young people and their continued freeze on Medicare has helped put our health system into crisis.

It has been 12 months since the election and the Turnbull Governments agenda has changed very little. The main policy on the table is a $65 billion tax cut to the big end of town and a 2% tax cut to people earning over $180,000.

In return for these very generous gifts to Malcolm’s mates the residents of Bass will now have to work until they are 70, hit with a tax hike of hundreds of dollars per year, reduced take home pay for our hospitality, pharmacy and retail workers and paying more every day to see your GP.

Our Tasmanian Liberal Senators need to start working for Tasmanians.
We want AMC recognised as the pre-eminent Maritime Authority in Australia, not undermined by their Liberal Minister in South Australia and for work to start on our sewerage system before the next election not condemned to another study.

Tasmania has been left off the map by the Turnbull Government and our Tasmanian Liberal Senators are doing nothing to change that.