Students attending the National Union of Students education conference this week will on Friday be holding a protest against Pauline Hanson. Students will be meeting at Hanson’s electoral office, at Waterfront Place at 2pm.

Hanson recently made comments suggesting children with autism hold other students in their classroom back. Hanson is also constantly engaged in whipping up racism and islamophobia. The national student movement stands against racism and figures like Pauline Hanson who want to create a climate of fear and perpetuate racism against muslims.

“The National Union of Students is opposed to racism in all its forms. Australian society is already deeply islamophobic and Pauline Hanson’s racist dog whistling only serves to push society even further to the right. Australia has a large proportion of international students and in recent memory international students, such as students from India, have faced intense racist abuse,” said NUS education officer Anneke Demanuele. “When students protest against Hanson it sends a clear message that we stand against Hanson and all that she represents, but also lends solidarity with people and students who bear the brunt of racism today.”

“In the last year, prayer rooms in universities around the country have been vandalised, with a pig head left in the toilets near the prayer rooms at the University of Western Sydney. Racism needs to be confronted and tackled, and protesting against Hanson is a vital step in this battle. The recent proposal to make it harder to become a citizen, and the abhorrent treatment of refugees in offshore detention centres shows that it’s not just Hanson but the Australian government in general committed to a racist agenda” continued Demanuele.

Time: 2PM
Location: Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000
Sophie Johnston National President | National Union of Students