Owen Powell, with state labor leader Rebecca White

Owen Powell, local Springfield resident, will be standing as a Labor candidate for Bass in the upcoming State election.

Owen Powell was born in Scottsdale and grew up on a dairy farm in Springfield. He attended Scottsdale Primary and High School. After year ten he went to Launceston College and later enrolled at the University of Tasmania. He completed a Bachelor of Arts and Science with Honors in 2003.

In 2007 he obtained a scholarship to do a PhD at the University of Queensland on land and water management in western Queensland. Owen worked in Palestine and Egypt researching groundwater resources. He speaks German and Arabic. In 2014 he returned to Tasmania to manage the family farm which now focusses on growing dairy stock.

“My state school education did not hold me back but I was also given other opportunities which many young people don’t have. We need to do more to ensure young people in regional areas can access education and training without massive debt hanging around their necks.”

“As a Labor candidate I will always stand for working people and social justice. I want to help empower communities to develop independent livelihoods and become more resilient. I stand for providing opportunities for the young and a secure retirement for the aged”

“I am passionate about the environment. Through my work overseas I developed a great love of harsh deserts and barren empty plains. But I always felt a deep longing for the green fields of Tasmania. I have come back to my home state with a fresh perspective which I believe can contribute to managing our resources better.”

“I witnessed great political upheavals in Egypt from dictatorship, to revolution to counter revolution. In Palestine I saw farmers forced off their land and denied their basic freedoms. But all around I also saw how people could carry on with dignity and strength. These lessons are hard to forget.”

Owen lives with his partner Grace who he met in Ireland. Grace emigrated to Tasmania and is a youth and community worker.
Owen Powell, Labor Candidate for Bass