Damian von Samorzewski, AEU Tasmanian TAFE Division President said:

“We were shocked and disappointed to read reports that TasTAFE management had claimed almost a quarter of a million dollars in expenses in the past two years, alone.”

“Teachers recently voted to accept a minimal pay rise, in good faith, after being told by the TasTAFE management that the organisation could not afford to pay them more.”
“These are the same Managers who continually put downward pressure on staff to teach with less using worn out or obsolete resources.”

“We look forward to the audit of these allowances and believe that TasTAFE should be reimbursed for any claims that were made above what the State Service Award allows and, if appropriate, criminal charges pursued.”

“It’s a further insult that TasTAFE teachers often have difficulty in claiming allowances, that they are legally entitled to, while at the same time such large amounts of tax payer funds have been used by management.”

“We wrote to the Premier on 30 May 2017 asking for final details of the TasTAFE audit, including the scope and process, and we are hopeful the Government will provide this information.”
Harriet Binet, Communications and Campaigns, Australian Education Union Tasmanian Branch