Petuna has once again been recognised for excellence in environmental sustainability, taking out the Environmental Stewardship Award at the 2017 Tasmanian Seafood Industry Awards.

The award recognises Petuna’s $15 million state-of-the-art hatchery in Cressy, which has enabled the company to achieve significant and sustainable growth without increasing its impact on the environment.

Acting CEO David Wood said the hatchery had enabled Petuna to cut water use by 95 per cent, by moving from a flow through water supply system to an innovative recirculation system.

“The new recirculation system uses just five per cent of the water of traditional systems, virtually eliminating water discharges,” Mr Wood said.

“This not only reduces the risk of water shortages in the case of drought, but it also dramatically reduces our overall environmental footprint of operation.”

Mr Wood said the hatchery also had an inbuilt sludge system that enabled fish waste to be taken off-site and converted into compost, reducing any negative impacts on the surrounding river systems.

“It is rewarding to be recognised as we move away from the old-style earth ponds and into the recirculated system, which is better for the environment and freshwater ecosystem as well as for our fish and our staff,” he said.

“Petuna’s sustainable management record speaks for itself, being the most sustainably certified aquaculture company in Australia, with the highest certifications of any aquaculture company in the world.”

Petuna’s founders Peter and Una Rockliff were also recognised for their significant contribution to the Tasmanian seafood industry, being presented with the Industry Ambassador Award.

“This environmental recognition, along with the recognition of our founders Peter and Una as Industry Ambassadors is a point of pride for the company and our team,” Mr Wood said.
Acting CEO David Wood