 Hidding has nothing to offer but weak excuses
 Hodgman Government has no solution for Hobart motorists
 Liberals ignoring public transport options and commuters
The Hodgman Liberal Government has launched a campaign of cheap spin rather than provide Hobart motorists with tangible solutions as it continues to bury its head in the sand over the state’s traffic chaos.
Shadow Transport Minister Craig Farrell said the release today of the Hobart Traffic Origin-Destination Report at the same time as the TomTom Traffic Index should have been a wake-up call to Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding that the city had some of the worst gridlock in the country.
“Mr Hidding has no solution – he blames the council, he blames motorists themselves and slaps motorists in the face by offering nothing more than advice that traffic is a side effect of a growing state,” Mr Farrell said.
“We already knew that – what we need now is a solution.,
“The TomTom Report shows Hobart motorists face some of the worst congestion in the country during morning peak hour, second only to Sydney.
“A government presented with hard evidence like that should be looking for options for everyone using our roads, not trying to make out congestion isn’t happening as Mr Hidding has done with his absurd attempt to spin the traffic crisis this morning.
“A re-elected Majority Labor Government will alter Tasmanian’s public transport culture to alleviate traffic congestion.
“Labor will invest $60 million over 10 years to modernise passenger transport with a Passenger Transport Corporation aiming to increase the number of full-fare paying passengers by 50 per cent by 2028.
“Labor will expand the existing Greencard system to enable seamless, integrated ‘one-ticket-only’ travel for locals and visitors across Tasmania.
“Our strategy also includes free transport for students to their nearest school, reducing traffic gridlock at peak times to boost the Tasmanian economy and provide relief for families paying to send their kids to school.
“Unlike the Liberals, we will make public transport and alleviating traffic congestion a priority.”
Craig Farrell MLC Shadow Transport Minister