Leading national marriage equality group, The Equality Campaign today welcomed reports that Liberal Senator Dean Smith is working on a Bill to deliver civil marriage equality in this parliament.

“Senator Dean Smith’s progress towards legislation shows the political will to deliver marriage equality in this parliament continues to grow”, said Alex Greenwich, Co-Chair of Australian Marriage Equality.

“As the national body for the marriage equality campaign, we will continue to work across the political spectrum to see marriage equality legislation pass this parliament as soon as possible with as much support as possible.

“The recent multi-partisan and unanimously supported senate inquiry on marriage equality legislation provides a clear pathway for this reform.

“We are grateful that Senator Smith, a key member of that inquiry, is working to turn that into a bill to allow all Australians to marry the person they love in the country we all cherish,” Alex Greenwich said.

“The campaign for marriage equality is not going to go away. It grows stronger and more determined with every passing day,” said Tiernan Brady, Executive Director of the Equality Campaign.

“Marriage equality is about the dignity and status of hundreds of thousands of Australians, our family members, friends and work colleagues. Today’s news shows that more and more politicians are beginning to understand this.

“Our message is clear to all Federal MP’s, it’s time to do your job and introduce marriage equality in line with the clear wishes and values of the Australian people and we won’t give up until they do.

“Marriage Equality is a straightforward reform that takes from no one but will have a profound positive impact on LGBTI people and their families and friends.

“This can be a unifying moment for Australia where civil marriage equality can be delivered by the parliament, affording every Australian the same dignity and respect, Tiernan Brady said.

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