 Child protection workers speak out
 Allegations that politics is being put ahead of the safety of children
 Minister must confront serious allegations today

Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma must respond to very serious allegations made by three current and former child protection workers.

Shadow Minister for Children Josh Willie said the Minister can no longer hide from scrutiny.

“Whistleblowers are speaking out because something is seriously wrong with Tasmania’s child protection system,” Mr Willie said.

“The allegation that politics is being put ahead of the safety of children should be alarming for all Tasmanians.

“Jacquie Petrusma has serious questions to answer and can no longer avoid scrutiny.

“These workers would not be risking their jobs by speaking out if something wasn’t seriously wrong.

“The Minister must explain if decisions are being made to protect her political career.

“We can’t have a situation where politics is getting in the way of workers doing their job to protect vulnerable children.

“The Minister has lurched from crisis to crisis in child protection.

“151 missed notifications in the North West, the Safe Pathways scandal and subsequent Right To Information debacle, and serious allegations of political interference.

“I congratulate the workers who have now spoken out to put children first and to say enough is enough.”
Josh Willie MLC Shadow Minister for Children