Shacky, a Melbourne Startup just launched their newest tiny house in a serene olive grove in Victoria’s High Country. This is but just one of five locations providing unique getaway experiences in regional Australia by the end of the year. By opening up locations such as this, Shacky delivers a unique experience not previously available.

Shacky is part of the tiny house movement – a global movement that recognises the benefits of smaller spaces. For Shacky, this means providing a quick getaway in idyllic landscapes for people to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

By opening up these breathtaking properties, Shacky not only provides guests with a unique getaway experience they wouldn’t have known were just around the corner, but also gives farmers and landowners a helping hand.

Shacky’s tiny houses are built with sustainability in mind, it leaves very little carbon footprint and is completely solar powered. “We wanted to create a space that had all the comforts of home but none of the clutter and stress that usually comes with it”, explains Andrew Hubbard, CEO of Shacky.

“We want the Shacky to be an extension of the environment it’s in, to allow guests to interact with nature in a comfortable setting that doesn’t detract from the experience.” This means large windows, sustainable materials and an open integrated space that stimulates guests to engage with the environment around the Shacky. The tiny houses have also been designed to be fully relocatable and self sufficient, ensuring that they can fit on any property and be completely installed within a day.

In addition to the 5 properties set to launch by the end of the year, Shacky is looking to expand into the beautiful island state of Tasmania. “Shacky is a concept that has the potential to create positive change for farmers, landowners and people looking for a unique, sustainable holiday experience.” explains Andrew.

For Shacky’s next expansion, they are seeking builders and landowners in Tasmania for unique getaways to the picturesque island state.

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Andrew Hubbard, CEO of Shacky