Councillor Andrew Connor today UN-successfully moved a motion at the July Meander Valley Council meeting to further efforts to change the date that Australia Day is celebrated. The motion was to:

1. Support the motion by the City of Hobart to be considered at the Local Government Association of Tasmania Annual General Meeting; 2. Take other steps to support a change of date of Australia Day to one that is more acceptable to the wider community

Cr Connor said, “Meander Valley Council as the representatives closest to the community have a key role to play in communicating the growing desire to change the day of Australia Day to one that is acceptable to all people”. Only Councillors Connor & Richardson supported the motion.

An alternate motion to simply support discussion in the community around an appropriate date for Australia Day was narrowly defeated (4-5).

Cr Connor continued, “A growing number of Australians want an open debate on what is considered as a more appropriate day to celebrate our nationhood and this is something that Local Government should take the lead on.”

Also covered at the meeting • Approval of an Optus mobile tower at Mole Creek • Approval of a Natural Resource Management Strategy • Combining policies relating to Community Grants • Awarding of quarterly Community Grants • A petition regarding the Restoration of Preventative Health Programs in Meander Valley • Progressing planning changes to facilitate a community hub at Prospect Vale • A motion to seeking the repeal of Section 13 of the Fluoridation Act 1968.

Cr Connor said, “Fluoridation of water supplies is a long-accepted part of public health policy in Tasmania and it should not be for councils to create a patchwork of its application.”
Andrew Connor – Meander Valley Councillor,