The revelation that Australians’ Medicare identities are available for purchase on the darkweb is incomprehensible.

The Turnbull Government’s incompetent and pathetic response which only serves to raise more concern and speaks to their constant undermining of the Medicare system.

There are serious repercussions at hand, not only for identification fraud, but for the integrity of our entire Medicare system.

We can’t afford to take another step backwards on Medicare and we shouldn’t have to continue paying the price for the Turnbull Government’s unfair and out of touch priorities.

The response we’ve seen from the Human Services Minister Alan Tudge is completely inadequate – he needs to explain to the Australian people what he’s going to do to protect their sensitive information.

Minister Tudge also needs to explain how many records have been breached, when the government found out and what they’re doing about it.

We know the Turnbull Government can’t be trusted when it comes to health, but a failure to respond appropriately to this will set a new low.

If we can’t trust the Turnbull Government to keep our most sensitive information safe, how can we trust them with anything?
Senator Helen Polley Shadow Assistant Minister to the Leader (Tasmania) Shadow Assistant Minister for Ageing