I recently spoke to rock band Kingswood’s Alex Laska about the bands upcoming appearances in Tasmania which will showcase their new album ‘After Hours, Close to Dawn’ with its hits ‘Golden’ and ‘Creepin’ to Tassie audiences for the first time.

The guys tell me that they have however, toured Tasmania 6 times in all and during those times become very attached to the cuisine of the North Hobart eatery scene, particularly the Malaysian restaurant close to one of their regular performance venues, The Republic Bar. They tell me on one particular visit the restaurant was closed and they were devastated!

The guys are deep thinkers fascinated by the miracle of creating music and how it impacts on listeners. Alex is amazed by how emotions can be curdled out of music, which is after all, a chemical reaction in the ear, a situation of air particles floating in the bones of the ear decoding a vibration from music, which amazingly creates emotional reactions in listeners.

I ask Alex if the bands own approach to writing songs is just as magical. Alex says sometimes the writing of songs can be a protracted process while at other times they can be immediate, as though dropped from the hand of a muse, something outside of themselves.

The guys have no problem with being categorised as a particular sort of music because, say Alex, it all depends on context, after all blue can be divided into baby blue or powder blue but it’s still all blue. Music might be divided into different genres but it is still all music.

If you are wondering why the guys chose the name Kingswood, well, Alex tells me the group members were all conceived in the cars of the same name!

You can see Kingswood at the following locations in Tassie …

With Special Guests Dear Seattle

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