“It seems the head of the EPA, Wes Ford may possess super hero skills – x ray vision”, SFP Party Tasmania, Ken Orr says.

The ability to check Tassal’s waste capture system’s in Macquarie Harbour by visual assessment for one day, using their own data to clear them for contentious overloading of biomas limits. Is an absolute masterstroke and truly unbelievable.

Where is the transparency, where is the reliable science. Where is the independent verification? We have lost our faith in the head of the EPA.

“The EPA has not only facilitated a commercial advantage for Tassal over its competitors, Petuna and Huon Aquaculture.

It has allowed for further unnecessary damage to the whole of Macquarie Harbour with its even lower dissolved oxygen levels” Orr went on to say.

Perhaps Wes Ford can explain Tassal’s unexplained (EUL’s) “Estimated Unexplained Losses?.

It seems losses of plus or minus 2 per cent are an acceptable industry standard, and in truth can only be explained by mortalities, or escapes.

SFP Tasmania believes Tassal are currently at 4 per cent in Macquarie Harbour, which is double industry standards and we have to ask.

Is this due to diseased mortalities, or escapes into the wild; neither of which is acceptable, considering the large volume of fish we are talking about.

Tassal are preparing to go to Okehampton Bay, our unique East Coast. Yet their own 2014 figures from their eastern leases show EUL; losses of a massive 7 per cent.

“Where and how “, Orr asks?

Were these losses due to disease, or escapes? It does show some questionable farming practises, and poor reporting.

“This company is currently totally devoid of social licence” Orr claims, which no doubt will be reflected in both share prices and product acceptance.
Adrian Pickin