 Tamar Valley Power Station switched off despite falling dam levels
 Minister and Treasurer continue to hide critical advice
 Matthew Groom’s determination to sell the TVPS would have had catastrophic consequences

Energy Minister Matthew Groom needs to explain why the Tamar Valley Power Station has been switched off when water storages are falling rapidly.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said it’s clear the Minister has not learnt from the crippling energy crisis.

“With extremely dry conditions and water levels falling, why has Matthew Groom turned off the power station?,” Mr Bacon said.

“The Minister must explain why the station has been turned off, how long it will be offline and what impact this will have on storages.

“We are again seeing a lack of transparency from the Government – with the station again being shut down.

“Did the Minister learn nothing from the energy crisis?

“Don’t forget in August 2015 Matthew Groom gave Hydro permission to “decommission and sell the combined cycle gas turbine” so it could “rid itself of a redundant liability”.

“It was the most reckless energy security decision in Tasmania’s history and should have cost Matthew Groom his job.

“The energy crisis was bad enough with the power station, without it, it would have been a catastrophic disaster.

“The Minister and Treasurer are desperate to hide the advice they received from Treasury regarding the sale with Peter Gutwein even prepared to be found in contempt of Parliament to keep it covered up.

“Tasmania’s continued reliance on the power station highlights why that advice is so critical.

“And the Minister is now sitting on his own taskforce’s report into energy security.

“Has that report gone to cabinet and when will it be released?

“The Government’s secrecy and incompetence when it comes to energy security in Tasmania is breathtaking.”
Scott Bacon MP Shadow Energy Minister