Tasmania’s tourism sector is booming but my Government is determined to do more to encourage more visitors to our regions.
That’s why we have committed $1.86 million to fund the new Coastal Pathway between Cooee and Wynyard, bringing the vision of a pathway across the North-West Coast a step closer to fruition.
The $3.7 million project – jointly funded with the Waratah-Wynyard and Burnie City councils – will make an important start to achieving the full 85-kilometre Coastal Pathway by linking Wynyard and Somerset to Burnie.
Each year, about 39,000 visitors to Tasmania enjoy cycling and this will provide another unique experience, offering picturesque views all along the Coast on a safe, separated and shared path.
When fully realised, it is estimated the Coastal Pathway will lead to a $17.6 million boost to the regional economy and help support 100 full-time jobs by capitalising on our booming cycling tourism industry.
The 13-kilometre section linking Wynyard and Cooee will utilise the unused rail corridor, demonstrating the value in our policy of preserving the land in public hands.
By utilising the railway corridor, this project will allow many residents living between Burnie and Wynyard to cycle safely to work, school and entertainment for the first time, without needing to share the highway with trucks and other vehicles.
As the new University Campus takes shape at West Park, future students will be able to consider study and accommodation options that don’t involve having a car.
The Liberal Government is proud to make this important investment in the lifestyle of Burnie, Somerset and Wynyard residents, and will continue to work with the Cradle Coast Authority and communities along the Coast on the roll-out of other links in the overall Coastal Pathway Master Plan.
The funding for this project will be provided through our Community Infrastructure Fund, which is aimed at delivering infrastructure that will boost local economies and create jobs – our number one priority.
Will Hodgman, Premier