Residents of Mole Creek can now drink their water straight from the tap following the official lifting of the Boil Water Alert by TasWater and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

TasWater along with water technology specialists, Laurie Curran Water have constructed a brand new water treatment plant downstream from the existing water intake weir.

The new plant filters raw water before it undergoes a combination of ultraviolet disinfection as well as chlorination to ensure the water is free from harmful organisms.

The plant also includes two large reservoirs – one to store raw water, the other for fully treated water. An independent power source has also been installed to reduce the risk of supply interruptions to customers.

Mole Creek’s drinking water system dates back more than 70 years when in 1946 planning began to supply the town from the nearby Mole Creek.

Almost a decade later, water was flowing. It was collected at a weir south of the town before passing through a simple filter and then gravity fed through the reticulation network.

Without adequate filtration and disinfection in line with current Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, the town’s supply was placed on a permanent Boil Water Alert a number of years ago. That is now in the past.

Local resident and President of the Mole Creek Progress Association, Michal Frydrych believes the end of the Boil Water Alert will help the town provide better services for tourism.

“It should, by rights, increase the value of properties and the amenities that the town can provide,” he said.

“People will not rush here to drink the water – we’ve still got to provide other things – but people might be happier to stay a bit longer because there is water available.”

TasWater has also worked extensively with local residents to identify and repair leaks in the complex reticulation network while also installing pressure reducing valves to ensure standard pressure throughout the gravity fed system.

TasWater chairman Miles Hampton says he is pleased the residents of Mole Creek can safely drink water from the tap.

“With the lifting of the public health alert in Mole Creek, we are happy to be one step closer to addressing water quality issues in 24 towns across Tasmania by August 2018.”

The Mole Creek water supply is just one of many projects in a fully funded, affordable ten-year plan to improve Tasmania’s water and sewerage infrastructure.”

“It demonstrates that we are making good on our commitments.”

For more information on TasWater’s progress in removing permanent public health alerts from 24 regional towns across Tasmania, visit