 Game of “where’s Jacquie” now becoming ridiculous
 Minister determined to avoid questions – government just as determined she avoids scrutiny
 Petrusma needs to either address issues or step down
More than a month after she was last seen by Tasmanians, embattled Child Protection Minister Jacquie Petrusma remains in hiding while serious issues remain unaddressed.
Shadow Minister for Child Safety Josh Willie said Mrs Petrusma was determined to avoid facing serious questions and her Liberal Government colleagues were equally staunch that she would remain hidden from public view.
“While Mrs Petrusma remains in hiding and while her Cabinet colleagues remain determined that she is protected from facing serious questions, Tasmanians can have no confidence that serious issues in Child Protection are being addressed,” Mr Willie said.
“Mrs Petrusma is dodging important calls for an in-depth, independent investigation by the Auditor General into child protection.
“She is actively in hiding two weeks after it was proven that she misled Parliament over children in the care of provider Safe Pathways.
“She is refusing to address extremely important claims by former and current child protection workers in her own department that politics has been put ahead of the welfare of children.
“Despite the fact that Mrs Petrusma is currently attending events in Tasmania and could be made available at any time to address these issues and answer questions, Tasmanians have not seen her since June 29.
“For a Minister with such crucial responsibilities – and at a time when such crucial questions need to be answered – that is untenable.”
Josh Willie MLC, Shadow Minister for Child Safety