While it’s disappointing that the Prime Minister failed to commit to a Hobart City Deal, it was clear from his answer to my question in Parliament today that the roadblock lies with the Tasmanian State Government failing to effectively put the case to its federal counterparts.

One really wonders what it will take to get the Tasmanian Government back from lunch and into work. Already we had the remarkable spectacle in the Federal Budget where there was no funding for any number of Tasmanian infrastructure projects, simply because the Tasmanian Government never asked for it.

In other words the reason we don’t have money for more water infrastructure, or a new Bridgewater Bridge, or Hobart light rail, or the University’s visionary STEM project, is that the Tasmanian Government hasn’t bothered to talk to its Liberal colleagues in Canberra about the need for federal funding.

And we’ve learned today that we can now add the Hobart City Deal to the list of projects left languishing by the Tasmanian State Government.
Andrew Wilkie MP, Independent for Denison