The Hodgman Liberal Government is delivering a record $7 billion health investment, 106 beds and 350 staff around Tasmania.
To meet our future health staff needs we are committed to employing as many Tasmanian graduates as possible in the Tasmanian Health Service (THS).
Graduates are our future and we have made continued investment for additional positions.
From 2015 to 2017 the Hodgman Government added an extra 50 nurse graduates to the health system, with a further 40 nurse graduates set to be employed.
We could not do this without the exceptional support of the University of Tasmania and the THS’ clinical educators.
Clinical support will play an important role in maximising graduate employment in the THS, which works strategically to build capability so that more graduates transition successfully and with the confidence to do their job.
Specialised skills are in demand right across the country so we recognise that ‘growing our own’ will build our staff as well as retain experienced nurses in the THS.
I look forward to seeing more nursing graduates enter the health system over the coming years, contributing to the Hodgman Government’s goal to making Tasmanian the healthiest state by 2025.
Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health