Sydney, 22 June 2017 – Millions of Australians were left touched and heartwarmingly surprised when travel company Chimu Adventures rewarded 13-year old charitable teddybearmaker Campbell Remess (affectionately known as ‘Bumble’) with a cruise to Antarctica on live TV earlier this week.

What started four years ago with Bumble’s simple idea to give teddy bears to children in hospital for Christmas has evolved to become one of the most inspiring charity stories yet with the 13-year old touching hearts by gifting his handmade bears to sick children, their parents and even those affected by terrorism.

Campbell recently launched his latest project ‘Kindness Cruises’ using money raised through donations, bear auctions and fundraisers to book cruises for people who’ve been through cancer treatment enabling them to get a break from treatment where they can rest, relax and start to make new memories.

Sharing his inspiring story on Tuesday’s Morning Show, the 13-year old got a reward for his inspiring work with Polar Specialist Chimu Adventures surprising him on live TV by giving him and a chaperone a spot each on their Discover Antarctica cruise.

Spreading the charitable love even further, Chimu Adventures will be supporting Bumble’s hosted gala dinner in Sydney on 15th July by giving away two additional spots on the Discover Antarctica cruise to be auctioned on the night. Building on the success of their first gala, which raised $27,000 AUD for charity, the event will be raising funds for Love Your Sister and P365 Kindness Cruises and promises to be a huge success.

Greg Carter, co-founder of Chimu Adventures said that carrying Bumble on one of their cruises would be “nothing short of an honour”.

“Working with this inspiring individual is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not just for myself but for all our staff here at Chimu. The fact that he is only 13 years old just makes this even more incredible.”

“We think that what he does is so amazing we decided he deserved a trip to the end of the earth and everyone on this trip will be fortunate to meet this amazing young man. He is already planning an exclusive Antarctic series of bears and we’ll be taking a sewing machine for him to tinker in his spare time.”

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Watch the 5-minute video of Bumble being gifted with the surprise reward on Tuesday’s Morning Show here:
Lena Froelich | Marketing & PR Executive | Chimu Adventures