Photo: Aid Watch

Documentary film “The Opposition” was the opening night film at the 2017 Human Rights Arts and Film Festival (HRAFF) in Melbourne in May and has just screened to standing ovations at the Sydney International Film Festival. Tasmanians now will be able to attend the Tasmanian Premiere of “The Opposition ” as a special BOFA Film Festival screening in Launceston.

Steeped in a legal dispute that prevented its release, The Opposition details the struggle of 3,000 residents of the Paga Hill community in Papua New Guinea who watched helplessly as police bulldozed their homes to make way for a luxury resort.

Two community leaders rose to help, but were driven down different paths in their individual pursuit for justice. Australian director Hollie Fifer’s pursuit of the truth, wherever it led, prompted one subject to file an injunction against the film’s release. Right triumphing over might never seemed so daunting.

There will be a Q & A with Madeleine Hetherton, producer from the film makers, Media Stockade. The film makers have just managed after several years to get a video update from the community who were evicted. An independent researcher has been able to document the community as they are living now and is about to release a report. Madeleine will share some of the information and images from it.

Screening will be at Door of Hope Christian Church this Thursday 22nd June at 7 pm. Tickets at the door. Net proceeds of the screening will be passed on to assist the Paga Hill community.

NOTE: The SMH recently covered the issue:
Owen Tilbury, Festival Director