 Sewerage works at Macquarie Point must be moved
 Only Labor has a strategy to get the work done soon
 Macquarie Point’s full potential needs to be unlocked

The success of Dark Mofo’s Dark Park highlights the urgency to move the sewerage works at Macquarie Point.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said Labor would get on and address the problem immediately.

“Dark Mofo gives us a glimpse of the potential of the Macquarie Point site,” Mr Bacon said.

“But while it’s great to see thousands of people exploring Dark Park, the sewerage works are a pungent reminder of what’s holding back the development.

“Until the treatment plant is moved, the site won’t be able to reach more than a tiny percentage of its potential.

“Labor’s policy to partner with superannuation funds to do the work now would help unlock hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of investment.

“The Liberals have wasted more than three years leaving the treatment plant in the too hard basket and have no strategy to move it.

“Labor’s strategy to tackle three big water and sewerage projects also includes Launceston’s storm water challenge and Cameron Bay to allow for Mona stage two.

“We need a government that is prepared to address the big infrastructure challenges in our state to unlock investment.”

Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer