The final nail in the coffin for Australia’s former National Telco was revealed today in ranging discussions between the CEPU and Telstra Management. Telstra appear to be commencing to implement a staged withdrawal from Australia’s telecommunications industry under the guise of impacts of the NBN.

CEPU Tasmanian Branch Secretary Trevor Gauld said that Telstra have provided strong signs today that the telco was moving rapidly to restructure into a shell company that doesn’t actually perform any work.

“Whilst the formal information from Telstra revealed limited details of where the 1,400 redundancies will occur, Senior Managers all over the country are spilling the beans to anyone who will listen that this is the first step of likely 6 monthly reductions in frontline worker numbers.” Mr Gauld said “Astonishingly they don’t even hide the fact that the work still needs to be performed but is being moved to an offshore workforce or where they can’t offshore, by casual labour hire or questionable ABN contracting practices.”

CEPU State Organiser Lisa Bahls, who participated in a 2 hour teleconference with senior executives today, was left astonished by how callous the company’s approach was.

“Telstra practically admitted their own employees are so frustrated by how poorly the company is run that they were confident of having more volunteers than needed for redundancy in this first round.” Ms Bahls said “It seemed like they are shaping the restructure around who wants to go rather than any actual considered restructure.”

The CEPU is currently working through the limited detail provided by Telstra so far and will be discussing members rights and options in the lead up to a second meeting with Telstra on Tuesday 20 June 2017.
State Secretary Trevor Gauld